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At SKYL Group, we envision a future of work where people aren't just numbers or cogs in the machine, but individuals whose wellbeing and personal growth matter just as much as the bottom line. Founded by Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, a strategic leadership and workplace culture consultant with a rich background in education and leadership, we've set out to revolutionize workplaces by focusing on a human-centric approach.

At SKYL Group, our commitment is to people first - because when you take care of your people, everything else falls into place.

About SKYL Group

Our Mission

Help companies create an environment where employees and leadership teams thrive together and everyone gets the most out of life and their job.

Our Vision

We see a future where workplaces aren't just spaces to earn a living, but environments that foster personal growth, mental well-being, company growth and collective progress.

Our Difference

We help businesses invest in the company's future and in the future of its people - a future where choosing people yields longevity, sustainability and shared success.

Dr. Jessica's Story

At the helm of SKYL Group stands an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, and a proven change catalyst--Dr. Jessica Metcalfe. Her diverse career spans from managing provincial operations at Nestle Canada's Ice Cream Division, operating a rock 'n' roll music school, to being an esteemed Dental Oncologist and Education Director where she was instrumental in the inception of the first dental oncology fellowship program in Canada. She weaves together a tapestry of experiences and an extraordinary passion for leadership and teaching.

Dr. Jessica's journey is not just one of professional accomplishment but of personal resilience. At the tender age of 20, she navigated a sea of trials - her mother's near-death car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury, the tragic suicide of a young cousin, and grappling with her own learning disability. In her late 20s, while scaling the peaks of her career, she faced mental health challenges, with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and burnout.

Today, as the founder of SKYL Group, she empowers individuals and organizations, leveraging her unique experiences and lessons learned. Her work has earned global recognition, but she views her most significant accomplishment as the positive impact she's made on the lives of others. Beginning her mission with improving patients' quality of life post-cancer therapy, she now strives to enhance the quality of life within companies and for the people who bring them to life.

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Dr. Jessica spoke about so many truths, experiences I had to live myself unfortunately in past jobs. I said to myself, "I wish every employer would do this for their teams. - Team Member

I wanted to stop feeling guilty as a boss and leader and wanted to be confident in my decision-making abilities. It takes time to transform people, culture, and processes but it's totally worth it. - Business Owner

Not only was it life changing to have my feelings validated...Dr. Jessica provided tangible solutions and strategies for overcoming thoughts. She's has an honest yet humorous way of breaking down such a tough subject. - Clinician

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises qualified, award-winning researchers, consultants, and thought leaders who bring their unique perspectives to the table. We're not just consultants—we're your partners in navigating the complexities of modern workplaces, ready to guide you towards a brighter, more human-focused future. 

Together, we are SKYL Group. Redefining the future of work, together. Complex Problems. Simple Solutions.

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

CEO, Senior Consultant

Dr. Keely Matheson

Senior Consultant

Dr. Laura Brenner


Erica Spenderovac

Lead Researcher

Nichole Herman

Marketing Director

Mary Chan

Podcast Producer

Emily Chiarvesio

Podcast Audio Editor

Katie Pagacz

Podcast Audio Editor

Kristalee Forre

Podcast Post Production

Shannon Kirk


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